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    Temporary Disconnection question


      I will just ask if the billing will stop also if my postpaid is temporarily disconnected? I will disconnect my plan for a year because I will go to abroad. Thanks in advance!

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          yes u wont receive a bill because of Temporary Disconnection due to out of the country BUT you will receive a bill FROM the start of ur bill cut-off TO the date of Temporary Disconnection request.


          For account within contract, system will automatically extend the contract based on the number of days or months that account is suspended


          Auto Resume of account is on the 31st day of suspension,

          (counting suspension date as Day 1, calendar days) or on the day indicated in the service required date. Upon resume any charges are valid.


          Suspension Date: Oct 24 (Day 1)

          Auto Resume Date: Nov 23 (Day 31)


          -for more details you may call 211 (via mobile) 02-7301000 (via landline).


          - hope it helps u.