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    Need clarifications about tattoo wifi billing:


      I don't know a lot so please bear with me.


      I am using somebody else's pocket wifi and there was a week that I've downloaded a lot - talking about huge number of files along with their large sizes.


      Now it's time to pay the bills and he was shocked that his bill went up for more than 1,000 Php and he claimed "it is only supposed to be 200 - 300 Php" and because of that I've asked him "What is the time limit or data limit?" and he said he doesn't know and I thought to myself "how could that be possible that he doesn't know the offer or anything?"


      I take responsibility for paying the extra charges but as the title states, I just need to know how billing exactly works although I'm still unsure if my friend was telling the truth or not.


      Any replies will be appreciated regardless of being nice or rude.