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    NTC Complaint


      Dear Globe,


        I am planning to file a formal complaint to NTC since Globe was not able to resolved my network issue that's been happening for more than six months now sice I moved to this new apartment, they made like 5 network investigation already, they offered me Globe Airboost which im not qualified since I dont have Globe Broadband connection at home on which they they will be connecting the signal booster.


      So the person that I spoked to said that they will find some other resolution to this issue, so someone called me and told me to monitor if there will be any changes with the signal in my apartment, which I doubt there will be,  since the location that I am on is outside your cell site's coverage area so I will have a problem with the signal, from little to weak signal or no signal at all, that's what the guy told me when they made the network investigation.



      You guys did adjust my bill twice, so I sent a message to your facebook page hoping that they will consider adjusting my bill again because of the service that you were not able to provide, the admin replied, said that they wont be able to do it again since you guys already adjusted my bill twice. My contract will end on March 2018, I dont want to pay for something or for the service that I was not able to use.


      As per Memorandum Circular No. 05-06-2007 of NTC


      *Right not be charge.

          - "A consumer can not be charge for the time being during which a continuing or continuous service was interrupted through no fault of the subscriber."


      So I am hoping that someone from Globe Community or someone from the higher management  will be able to help me or to provide me a resolution to this ongoing issue.