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    slower internet


      for the past 8-9 years of being a subscriber.. this year is the slowest internet that i being experience.. what the hell happen to globe ? in the last 5 years, i can open 3 account of MMORPG, now i can only open 1 account... now i'm planning to get a new internet(for my bussiness) under in pldt.. i will compare which internet is the fastest of this 2... the bill on globe is high but the internet is slow.. i'm not the only one that is complaining about the slow internet connection on globe but also my friends are complaining.. wifi or wire connection is slow, and when my promo on data is nearly ended ( let say 5 hrs before promo ended) i can't use my data anymore..



      to globe.


      please fix your internet connection on your side that your subscriber won't complain on your service..