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    Frustrated with getting an additional line


      Last Dec 17 or so, me and my grandfather applied for an additional line (postpaid plan with a phone). The phone is a Huawei P9 and the agent said that we have to wait 1 month for the device (because of shipping? are you kidding me?). After more than a month of waiting, we went back and asked what's the status. He said that may be it would arrive the next week. A week went by and he said that there was no stock available (so what's with your online shop saying it's still IN STOCK?).


      Having frustrated with the store and its agents, I applied for an additional line ONLINE. A few days ago I filled up the form (this time for an Xperia). The next day, I received an email stating that I need to settle my balance before they could process my new application. Tiny problem is, the account number (and the amount) was wrong. So I replied to her asking if that account was in any way linked to my email. No reply.


      The balance is now paid and I have emailed the agent again. Still no reply.


      Is there a problem or do I have to wait another month?