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    Disappointed first time postpaid applicant


      Globe,it will be my 1st time applying for your globe plan i was very happy for the approval last january 30 this year and because you texted me right there and then that you will deliver on feb 3rd (friday)..i got even more excited..but on the 2nd of feb i called your hotline to check on the status and then i was saddened to hear that it was pending because theres no stock..should i havent called you it wouldnt come to my knowledge that it cant be delivered on promised date..i tried calling you several time on the 2nd and 3rd for an update and still you cant provide anything..you told me that you and your delivery team doesnt have contact with each other?that is the lamest excuse for a company..why established a delivery if u cant accomodate inquiries properly..on the 3rd of february, i called early in the morning and asked if i can just go to a globe store and make them process my application there..i even said to ur sales rep that it wouldnt be of a hassle since i alreadt have an existing approved application and they will just have to released the phone if they have stock..your sales rep agreed..clearly said that yes it can be done..i hurriedly went to the globe store which is 1 hour travel from my town..but again you failed me..they told me we cant process because you dont have the same promo as what the hotline promo offered me..(ano yun?hindi magkakaconnect?may sari2ling buhay?globe lang sa pangalan mga store nyo pero hnd rin kau connected)..i went home devastated and very frustrated..i called again afternoon of feb 3 and told them what i went through but still no action..they only made a report and gave reference no..ive been tryjng to chat you on fb messenger and also on twitter but all you did was to give me a damn sorry..i called at night again and i was a bit lightened because the rep told me there is already stock..i slept hoping it would be shipped 1st thing tomorrow and be delivered if not on the 4th maybe on monday ,6th..but again i called several times again saturday(today) but still no update..afternoon someone from 029001777 called me and told me my handset will be delivered thursday next week..now i dont know what to feel anymore..ive been waiting for it for 5 days and been through a lot..i badly needed it and comply to the requirements right away..but all you did is to keep me waiting..i needed it because i dont have a phone right now..i agreed to apply and be captured to your sales rep lies that it will be delivered 7 days or sooner but to no hope i was only frustrated and very saddened..i cant do anything but to wait and deal with your unreliable service!!! I just called earlier and again they told me that it was again pending due to no stock..they are making fool out of me..im not happy anymore!!!!

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          Parehas tayo nakakadala and super hassle ang mag apply thru phone sales...additional line lang yung akin pero hanggang mgayon wala pa din yung phone ko..hindi naman pala pwede makapag apply thru globe store kasi may pending application ako sa kanila...pinacancel k naman pero until now di pa nila kinancel yung application ko...but one thing is for sure SUPER HASSLE AND NAPAKATAGAL MAGAPPLY THRU ONLINE AND PHONE SALES better direct sa globe stores...kaya lng naman ako nag apply thru phone sales dahil sa libreng headset kung alam k lng na ganyan nagdirect na ako sa globe store right away maaprove yung request....NAKAKADALA TALAGA ANG PHONE SALES NG GLOBE SO BEWARE