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    Not getting the speed I am paying for


      Hi, I just want to ask if how can I properly report Globe?

      My plan before was 1299 5mbps with NBA League Pass

      I called their hotline and asked what is the highest possible internet speed I can get. According to the agent, I can subscribe to 15mbps because it's possible, she also confirmed that 15 Mbps is possible. I told her to upgrade my plan to 15mbps so I am going to pay 1599 and not 1299 anymore. After days and weeks, I noticed that my internet speed is not getting higher than 11mbps. I asked for a tech dispatch @home and we were told that the lines from the cabinet going to our house can't reach the 15mbps speed. I tried to tell them to downgrade my plan to 1299 10mbps since I am not getting the speed I was told I can get but they are asking for 1000 php for downgrade which I should not pay because it was not my fault that I am having that problem. Can we report this to NTC?