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    3 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Broadband Usage

    Rust Cohle

      I am a frequent user of Globe Community. I visit these forums regularly, and while I don’t usually leave comments, I enjoy reading the articles and posts from other members.


      Lately I’ve noticed many of you have been asking about your broadband connection: why it’s slow, and what can you do to get it back up to normal speeds? Well, for starters, it’s best to identify the ways you can utilize your monthly allocation more efficiently so you wouldn’t have to worry about slow browsing in the first place. Prevention is the best cure, right?


      As someone with an IT background, let me share with you 3 easy ways to maximize your broadband usage:


      1. Know that downloading includes streaming Youtube videos or even just browsing Facebook
        Many of us associate “downloading” as the act of getting a file that’s available online to your laptop or smartphone. When in fact, simply opening a webpage (like “google.com”) is already equivalent to downloading!

        Every click, every scroll uses up data. Keep this in mind when watching Youtube videos or even just scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed. Which leads me to my next tip…

      2. Change your browser settings
        Believe it or not, your default browser settings can be further optimized to help conserve data.

        On Google Chrome, go ahead and change these settings:

        * Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Plugins > check “Click to Play”
        * Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Popup > check “Do not allow any site to show popups”

        The first option means you have to manually click or tap to play a video. This effectively stops those pesky autoplay videos from eating up your precious data. The second option prevents popups from displaying automatically, which not only conserves data but also enhances your browsing experience.

        And lastly…

      3. Use Google Chrome
        I use a Macbook, and yet I’m on Google Chrome instead of Safari. Why? Because Google Chrome is more user-friendly, and it does a better job of compressing internet files so you’re browsing the internet more efficiently by default.

        Seriously, use Google Chrome whether on your laptop or smartphone.


      These 3 easy steps can do wonders to your broadband consumption. I mean, just knowing what’s draining all of your data as well as configuring your browser settings will go a long way in ensuring you don’t go beyond your monthly allocation. You shouldn’t worry about hitting your threshold. Instead, think of the ways you can prevent it from happening.


      Now it isn’t that hard, is it?