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    Pending Application


      Hi Globe, 


      My postpaid application is still pending , 4 weeks n ngayon and still for verification pa din ang application ko, I've been called 4 times by your sales representatives puro basic information lang po lagi ang kinukuha which i have given weeks ago, I applied for the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime LTE, and for some reason i saw negative feedback regarding the handset and sa tagal ng online application, lahat ng tumawag na sales sakin sabi approval will last for 3 to 4 working days lang but still i haven't received any confirmation,. I also push my concern to your support department but all they did was give me some case number at sabi by 24 hours to 48 hours may magbibigay ng feedback but still yung last n tumawag after 3 days then ung basic information n naman ang hiningi, (Billing proof, plan details, background check) thats it,.. can someone assist on my concern,.. ako lang po ba ang nakaranas ng gantong service?