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      This problem is raised by one of my friend who has a tattoo broadband plan w/c i refer that globe is best when it comes to connection. they been w/globe for 4 years after habagat there connection becomes worst, so that they calling hotline then they are given a visit schedule but they said that they never expect that tech service is very very poor no problem w/globe personnel they are all polite & helpful but the problem is w/the technician keep on promising that they would come & fix the service but when they make a ff-up all of a sudden the visit schedule is already closed the reason is they visit the house or house close or owner is not available w/c is not true. i hope globe would make a review w/ regrads w/ there tech. globe credibilty might lost & no client would avail your service because of tech.



      (just raising this concern as eye opener)


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          One of the things I HATE about Globelines is the time that their technicians would arrive at home.


          I spoke to 2 Globe representative and specifically ask them to put on the note that I'm at work between 7am-3pm and that the technician should visit me at home from 4pm onwards.


          I also chatted with a Globe rep and asked her to put that exact instructions on the notes.


          Today, I just received a text from one of the techs (around 10am) saying that they're already at my home. I replied and gave the same information to him :smileysad:


          I'm a tech support agent for a US ISP and we have a tool that we can schedule a tech on a two-hour time window. I'm just curious -- does the tool of Globe representatives has that option?


          It seems that the scheduling tool program of Globe is archaic -- all tech schedule of a certain day will be forwarded to the 3rd party company and this 3rd party company doesn't have any means to read the notes and specific instructions on the account :smileysad:

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            Same issue.


            We are having the same problems with globe technicians. We just recently installed internet & Phone service with globe. Everything was properly working on the first day of installation. But, the next day we suddenly lost ALL of our connection, There is no internet servcie and the Phone has no dialtone. But, before we lost our services, one of our neighbor also lost ALL of her globe services. So she called and requested for a tech. All of her connections came back, but we lost ours.


            "Tech explained" to us that the slot that was used for our connection was originally from our neighbor, and that we *tap her slot. Which is really offensive in our end and that we lost trust to the one who installed the service in our house because they did not installed it properly and tehy did not explain that there is a problem like that.


            On top of that, I heard from our neighbor that one time the tech who fixed her services demanded to pay him P500 for his work. Which is really suspicious because I asked one of the TalktoGlobe agents, if there'll be any fee for a tech visit. And they clearly answer me that there is none.


            And in my end, I experienced waiting for a tech in my house to come over and fix the said problem mention above in the first paragraph. It was around  2:15pm when a tech called me asking for directions on how to come in my house if he'll be coming form Brgy. Wawa to NorthSignal, because I live in Taguig. So, I gave the directions and the tech said that they will also text me if they'll be near our area. When suddenly, after our phone call I received a text message around 2:52pm saying that, " The repair team has already visited your place but we were advised that you were unavailable at that time. Please call your blahblah for your new schedule. Have a wonderful day!".  That surprised me. But I ignored it for hours because I have this conversation with the tech before that text. But then, I got worried so I called the tech and I send text messages. But there are NO replies. I got worried so I called globe. I asked what happened. They said that the tech didn't come over because they can't contact me. Hilarious. I explained what happened and said to them the the record there is WRONG, I have a phone record with the technician, if they want it. Its just getting reeaally annoying because we're waiting for a tech now for almost 7 days with also no service and yet despite of that we are also paying our service. Really. I hope they'll NOTICE THIS.