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    Help!!! FREE2PS299 from Prepaid Data Sim 4G LTE Tri-cut not working! How to fix?


      So I just bought a new Samsung J1 6 duos and it came with a free globe prepaid data sim 4g lte tri-cut sim (the sim was still sealed and brand new) so I saw this sticker on it and it says "With FREE 300MB per month for 2 months Text FREE2PS299 to 8080" so I did but it never came. I kept doing it again and again but still no reply from 8080. What should I do? Please help.

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          Sorry, giohermoso, I cannot answer your question, but I'd like to share my experience with this "promo". Exactly like you, I purchased a samsung smartphone package that came together with the prepaid Globe SIM you described. I also typed FREE2PS299 and sent it to 8080. I received a message that I would receive a status update on my request within 24 hours. I waited 24 hours and received NOTHING. So I sent my code again. After 5 minutes I received a text message "Sorry, but this offer is available to selected customers only. To know more about Globe promos, dial *143# for free. Thank you."


          It seems to me that this "promo" is a fraud. Globe obviously is lying: not only did I not receive an message within 24 hours, but I also was told that I am not among the "selected customers" who are eligible for this offer, although I should be for having purchased the Samsung phone together with the Globe SIM. Well, yes, I am fuming, and next thing I will do is to inform Samsung about how their business partner Globe handels it's promises printed on the Samsung packages to lure customers into purchase.


          Anybody else here, who for any chance was a "selected" customer or in any other way sucessfully used this "promo"?