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    Mobile data signal constantly on 'E'


      Hi, I just have a concern about my mobile data's signal. When I bought my sim card last June, whenever I turn my mobile data on, I have no problems with it-- it's fast and always has an H+ or H signal. But recently, I have noticed that whenever I turn my mobile data on, the signal is just on E and internet is very slow (Instagram loads way to slow as well as YouTube). I was wondering, why all of a sudden, the signal is always, always on E. It's not caused by the location, I am very certain with that because everywhere I go, especially when I am at school, I always have a mobile data signal of H+ or H. So, I tried setting it manually on my phone (ASUS Zenfone Go 5.0) and the 'Preferred network types' has been grayed out so I cannot change it to 3G even if want to. However, I tried going to my SMART sim card's configuration and it is all and well, no problems at all. The 'Preferred network types' is not grayed out and I can choose between 2G/3G. After doing that and finding no answer to my problem, I tried switching the sim cards' slot and to no avail, Globe's configuration is still the same and won't let me allow to choose if I want 2G or 3G. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please help me. Thank you so much.