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    Credit Information Corp. (CIC)


      Pa-help naman po. May unpaid balance po ako sa globe postpaid ko last 2015. Tawag ng tawag ang agency for payment but I just declined. Then just today I received a text from globe stating "We'd like to share an important update on RA 9510 or the Credit Information Systems Act (CISA). In compliance with this government mandate, we'll be sending basic credit information about your Globe account/s, including any overdue balance, to the Credit Information Corp. (CIC), a state-run agency, starting February 2017. We at Globe value your awareness on these matters. Learn more at www.creditinfo.gov.ph". If ganito po, ano po ba meaning nito? May validity for how many years po ba if blacklisted? Hindi na po ba ako makaka-credit to any government/private entities? Thanks po in advance.

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          rawr0815 - I am not sure if lahat na ng financial institution are member ng commission na to. Dito ilalagay ang basic information mo at mga credit card and loan details mo at yung payment history mo. Hindi ka naman ma blacklisted pero if may mga hindi ka nabayaran makaka apekto un sa credit score/rating mo which is mahihirapan ka maka pag papa approve ng mga loans or credit card application mo kasi sisilipin nila ung records mo. So far wala pa naman ako natatanggap na message sa kanila/globe na they will provide basic details of mine since active postpaid member din nmn ako.


          As far as I know wala atang expiration ung details dun.

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            The best way to ensure that your credit score does not suffer is to settle the unpaid balance or contact Globe/Collections agency if you have disputes. There is no workaround here. An unpaid balance is an ugly stain on your credit report and will haunt you for years to come.


            The CIC only requires 5-year data from these lending institutions but these institutions (banks, cooperatives, telecommunications companies, utilities company, loan agencies) can retain negative record for x number of years or maybe forever. After all, CIC only serves as a central repository for all credit data. The credit bureaus (that extract data from the CIC) provide the credit reports and credit scores to help the lending institutions decide whether to give you credit in the future. It is ultimately the lending institutions' discretion whether to approve a loan/credit card/postpaid plan or not.


            For now, only lending institutions have submitted significant amount of data to the CIC. This year, 2017, CIC mandated telecommunications companies to submit credit data to the CIC. CIC is expected to go live by first quarter of 2018 to provide an accurate credit report for individuals and businesses. The inclusion of credit data from telecommunications data is currently on its early stages, and as per CIBI (one of the credit bureaus), they are currently testing the scoring model that will include telco data into the credit scoring.


            Thus, when CIC goes live by first quarter of 2018, your credit score may only consider credit data from actual financial/lending institutions. But give it a year or so, they might come up with a credit score that includes your telco data.

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              may nagtext din po sa akin na kailangan ko magbayad ng 8k plus pero knowing na ang unpaid balance ko is 3k plus bakit po ganun.