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    Bill Adjustment Issue


      May I know how many weeks or months should I wait for the approval of a bill adjustment?


      My bill adjustment request is still pending since November 2016. There have been more than 10 follow-up calls already but still no action, not even updates. It seems like they are delaying it on purpose due to the fact that the bill adjustment is more than 4k.


      There's a good reason why it amounted to 4k. I requested an upgrade from 1Mbps to 5Mbps+ SuperHomePhone in May 2016 and it was only activated late Nov 2016. Image that, I waited 6 months for the 5Mbps upgrade activation while having a sluggish Internet connection. The issue that boils me is Globe billed me 3k+ in Dec 2016, where did that amount came from?



      As I called on their customer support, the amount is reasonable because my upgrade starts in May 2016. It was the SuperHomePhone that bulks up the bill, but I was not able to use it because it is not activated. Why did they charge me for the services that they were not able to deliver in the first place? That's why I really wanted for Globe to approve that bill adjustment since it really stressed me out, specially when calling on their customer support.


      I should appreciate it if the credit department should give updates. I wanted to know if they need my inputs, etc.