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    internet speed after data cap


      good evening,


      my question lang ako about sa policy sa internet speed after maconsume yung allowable data allowance per month.. merun akong 50GB 5Mbps plan.. so everyday i have a 500-600KBps DL speed but after maubos yung data of 50GB bumabagsak sya ng 25KBps (i know that 8Mb = 1MB), my concern is tama bang 95% ang tinatanggal nila sa internet speed mo leaving you only with 5% speed of your 5Mbps?? i think i had a convo with a globe representative before that around 80% ang mawawala sa internet speed or something, but im not sure pwedeng ibang topic yun, i dont remember it properly.. and kanina ko lang nakita yung tinatawag nilang FAIR USE POLICY which every costumer is subjected even if they dont agree or they dont know about it.. took me almost 30mins para lang mkapag set up here in the discussion because my yahoo wont load..


      thanks sa mga makakasagot and hopefully someone from globe will answer this..