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    Incompetent FB Chat line handlers


      Below are a series of communication with globe using their FB chat line service.

      If you read closely, you will notice that this communication started Thursday, (on a Feb 23.) and several hours of waiting for replies in different occasions. On the first instance a reply was received after almost 24 hours of waiting..on the second session,(Monday) with the same subject matter, a reply was received after almost 8 hours...then I have sent screen shots which contains the information he is asking of me, apparently for verification purposes, but the next message from them was received only after another 5 hours of waiting...then i called it a night due to their very slow response... the next day, that is early this morning of today, Tuesday, I logged in and sent my first message at around 8:56AM...received an immediate response asking once again for verification informations...after I have sent several responses withour receiving the same from them anymore, me hanging on.. waiting for nothing...


      So I decided to call 211. where I got concrete actions from very respectable and polite customer service... thankfully it didn't took several countless hours but and immediate concrete action was provided. Afterwards I messages Globe FB again telling them that I have finally got a concrete action from their 211 line, guess what happened next... after more than 3 hours of waiting on them for nothing this is his reply:


                :That's great to hear, Junice. Feel free to message us back again if you have any other Globe concern. Have a wonderful day!"


      so my response were:


                                                   your useless... u just returned to confirm your inaction


                                                        are trying to insult me?


                                                        you will here from DTI on this... soon...




      Below are the exact conversations that took place for around 3 days without settlement/action on their part:



      The wrong charges that appears in my postpaid bills can be easily corrected and acted upon but the incompetence of the FB chat handlers is unforgivable... But just the same, let this be a warning to all globe subscribers to watch their billings carefully and note for unwanted charges.. in my case, "Premium True Tones" under Details of Local Data Charges... It will probably keep appearing in your bills if you do not act on it right away.


      Hope that Globe will act on their personnel handling the FB account with proper disposition and straighten the mistakes made in their bills for all their subscriber's sake.


      By the way, Globe, please have your FB chat handlers introduce themselves at the very first instance of communicating to a client. That would be most polite and respectful.



      Thank you,