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    I have concern with globe prepaid superfb10 promo i have availed. where can i send complain?do you have email add and or customer service number i can call for free?


      Hi Globe customer service,


      I would like to raise my concern regarding my availed SUPERFB10 this morning. I buy a load worth 25php. I was able to successfully register on SUPERFB10 and able to use the promo and i enjoy it because it's very fast but I started to become annoyed because it only last for at least 4 hrs only? and I could not be able to enjoy using the promo which says non-stop FB for 1 day. And the worst part was that as I checked my load balance from 15php it becomes 10php and then a few minutes pass by becomes 6php and then 1php? How it could happened when I don't even availed a "loan a load"?. I was very pissed off and I felt I was rubbed.


      Actually, my sim is new and a newbie user of globe sim.


      Hoping to hear a feedback from you.