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    Mobile network not available


      I just came from a 4day trip abroad. My postpaid sim has no mobile network coverage. I cant call 211 because there is no signal. I am currently using wifi connection. How do i fix this?

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          Solution 1: Remove Battery and SIM Card

          Step 1:

          Power off your Android phone and remove both battery and SIM card.

          Step 2:

          Wait for 5 minutes and then insert the battery and the SIM.

          Step 3:

          Now power on your phone and check it. If still receive the Mobile Network Not Available Error, then follow solution 2.

          Solution 2:

          Step 1:

          Go to settings and open Wireless and Network settings.

          Step 2:

          Now tap the Mobile Networks.

          Step 3:

          Tap Network operators and Select automatically. That’s it.

          Also check your software is up to date or not. If not, then update it.

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