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    Mobile network not available


      I just came from a 4day trip abroad. My postpaid sim has no mobile network coverage. I cant call 211 because there is no signal. I am currently using wifi connection. How do i fix this?

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          Solution 1: Remove Battery and SIM Card

          Step 1:

          Power off your Android phone and remove both battery and SIM card.

          Step 2:

          Wait for 5 minutes and then insert the battery and the SIM.

          Step 3:

          Now power on your phone and check it. If still receive the Mobile Network Not Available Error, then follow solution 2.

          Solution 2:

          Step 1:

          Go to settings and open Wireless and Network settings.

          Step 2:

          Now tap the Mobile Networks.

          Step 3:

          Tap Network operators and Select automatically. That’s it.

          Also check your software is up to date or not. If not, then update it.

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                Turn off your mobile phone then remove the SIM and battery for 30 seconds, and then put them back in. Turn it on to refresh its network connections

                2: IF YOU STILL DONT HAVE SIGNAL

                Insert your SIM card into another phone (it can be a Globe issued phone or an open line phone) and check if you will get signal.

                3:IF STILL NO SIGNAL

                Insert a different Globe SIM card to your own phone and check if it will get signal.

                If the other Globe SIM gets a signal, your SIM card may be defective and may be subject for replacement.

                Our Talk2Globe chat agent can further resolve this issue for you. You can also reach our online specialists via Twitter or send us a message.

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                  Good day


                  As a general rule, Postpaid plans have their roaming service pre-activated. However, there are instances where the roaming service is deactivated such as, but not limited to, line-only plans or customer-initiated deactivation. By default, roaming is also not pre-activated for plans 599 and below.


                  For activation of the roaming services, please be ready to provide a copy of  your proof of financial capacity such as computerized one month payslip, certificate of employment, BIR W2, etc.


                  Call 211 on your mobile

                  Dial 027301000 when using landline



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