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    My upfront advanced payment of P1,299 was not posted and my first bill is incorrect. I've been dealing this since I first got my bill and customer service is not helping at all. What to do?


      I paid the Installer an upfront payment advance for P1,299.00 for my monthly bill. I have the receipt from the installer. When I got my first bill and my payment due is incorrect. When I called customer service, I was informed that there was an error in their system that is why the upfront payment of P1,299 was not posted. I have been calling for the same issue and reps just kept promising me that this is being escalated. Promised me of getting a callback about the update but never called me back. Asked for a Supervisor but seems like I am just placed on hold for 10mins and never really got a help. Do you have any email or contact info of the highest point of escalation where I can send I complaint?