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    Change of plan 499 to 999


      I'm planning to upgrade my consumable 499 plan to 999 kasi lang nageexced yung bill ko and I think plan 999 ang mas bagay para sakin.

      I'm still on the lock-in period but can I get another gadget?

      Gusto ko sana yung Samsung s3 mini, may cash-out ba yun?
      Noong kinuha ko kasi yung free phone ko sa plan 499 na samsung galaxy y, may cash out pala. akala ko free so I was wondering kung ganun din mangyayari pag kinuha ko yung samsung s3 mini..?


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          Yes you can upgrade to the 999 plan provided that you have enough Credit Limit, if not, you need to submit additional proof of finance documents
          . Now if you wanted to get another handset which is S3 mini, you need to process early termination of your account. You have to pay the full amount of your Galaxy Y if you havent finished a year of your contract, while 50% if its been a year. Please call the retention department for more details, just dial 211 from your mobile phone.



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            upgrading of Plan is possible; from P499 to P999, however if your planning to get a new phone and still within lock-up, pre-termination fee must be settle first. 


            For clarification you may get in touch with them by calling (Free of Charge) 02-7301300 press 1, 1 then 3. 

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              Hi jinnabanana


              1. Plan Upgrade from 499 to 999: This is possible if you're within the credit limit provided to your Plan 499 but you cannot get another handset. If not, Globe will ask same requirements when you apply for Plan 499 to re evaluate your account. One pros for not upgrading is it is OK to exceed since you are going to accumulate reward points.

              2. Samsung S3 Mini: Under Plan 999 this is FREE, no Cashout except the mandated peso value deduction every month on your total Peso Value.

              3. Upgrading Plan to Avail New Phone: Not possible if you have a contract or still under lock up period. Possible if you ask for early recontracting scheme with the loyalty department. The pros for this is you can retain your current mobile number and your bill count will not be resetted. Recontracting can be pricey, but Galaxy Y is not that expensive i think you can manage to pay the early recontracting fee. How this is computed? This is based on your remaining lock up period and the handset retail price you availed minus the cash out ( need clarification for this with the hotline ). 

              4. Plan Termination to Apply New Line: This is totaly wiping out your current Plan and settle corresponding FEEs like balance and device retail price based on the lock up period minus the cashout, and re apply for a new Line at Plan 999 with free S3 Mini.


              For further assistance please tweet @talk2globe or call the Hotline :smileyvery-happy: