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    anyone else having problems streaming in hooq?


      I recently subscribe to Globe DSL 10mpbs plan, and HOOQ is part of the bundle (free for 6 months I think),when I received the text message that my account in HOOQ is activated, I've tried their website, first problem encountered was after login, it kept on going back to the "welcome" page, I've contacted their customer support, and they told me my browser "Microsoft edge" is not supported, only chrome,firefox and opera are supported..so I downloaded chrome and firefox, and I was able to login.....next problem......when trying to stream, it just kept on showing the looping HOOQ video, it doesn't load the movie I was trying to watch...I've contacted their customer support again and they asked me to try different things....clearing my cache and cookies try in a different device, and even doing a speedtest...nothing solve this problem....only thing when I tried my android phone, I was able to stream a movie..so I asked them if their website is only limited to android or ios...their reply was they will have to ask their development team on this...so I was wondering if anyone ever tried to watch from their pc or notebook on HOOQ and did not any problem...btw I tried using 2 notebooks, one was running on windows vista, the other on windows 10