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    Scammer Alert!


      Pls Help me,


      I heard someone can help me increase my data capping limit and have to pay. I asked him to get my account a 300gb volume boost which I expect to pay an additional 999 per month on my subscription. He asked my account no., billing address, customer's name and other info about my account.


      Now after he did his service, he is asking for payment of 1,500.00 for the request he made, and me out of being stupid in this world was surprised and asked him if maybe I confirm it first that if my speed will stay and will not slow down after 50gb usage (my monthly capping) then its true. However, he doesnt want to agree and threaten me that he will ask the account to be terminated. Now, I need help from any globe staff here to help me please resolve this and I dont want my account to be terminated now that I found out how they do their bogus/scamming activity.


      How did I found out? With this method which im sure many of you knows about this, is the upgrade plan form.

      So for 300gb data volume boosts costs 999/month. Which is the same thing that the scammer told me. Now that my plan is 1299, he said that I should expect my next bill will be 2,300.00


      And thanks GOD I made some research and found out about this Upgrade Form

      Upgrade Form | Broadband | Globe


      I am going to make a call now to 221 to report this scam, and whoever he is, is a fake person who wants to terminate my account


      PS dont know how to choose Help and Feedback Place, pls just kindly move it there coz thats where I think this thread should be.