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    in-app purchases


      so I was planning on buying gems for this game called mobile legends, costs around P5,000 in game, so that's +12% VAT right? so I paid P6,500 to my account on March 5, 2017, after asking a customer service personnel that it would just be considered overpayment and I would be able to purchase the gems without anything bothering me. after the payment was made, I logged into the game thinking I could buy the gems. but when I was about to buy it, it said I can't buy it since it was over my limit? I think it means my credit limit. I was wondering if I can do anything about this, because buying that specific set of gems would give a lot of bonus gems. and I don't think increasing my credit limit would be any help since my current limit is P800, and what I'm purchasing is P5,000, and the only allowed increase in credit limit is double your current limit. thank you if you could help me.