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    will wait  for operators


      globe's method of chatting is different to their older method ;  then you can  talk right away to any  available operators but now  - you have to wait for hours for operators attend  your into  needs . should Globe  change this  kind of delay  or  they  will  just  look one's need  of fixing / repairing  to  the commented page  available  online .

      sample : i'm out  of internet connection for days  and then  paid internet's cafe online to talk to  available operators but  waited  for  an hour and  no OPS attending my  need .so  decided to  just  put  in the  comments and logoff .

      but thanks  anyways :  my  problem  solved but Wi-FI  still not stable to its  condition .


      but  still  a huge hug for  the  nicest  girls operators  online ^_^  thanks