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    Plan 1299 Globe Nepo Mall Dagupan Branch


      What are the real inclusions with Plan 1299, I'm having hard time going to globe store so as calling to all of  their customer service providers that always hang up on me and ask me to stay on the line for like 50 mins or so.


      First things first, the signed contract was Plan 1299 with 5gb mobile data, unlimited calls and text to globe and tm and unlimited text to all network, with some free one month whatsoever.


      As my first billing statement arrived, I was charged with 2,724.60 as per "tagging" of 10gb mobile internet and all those unlimited which has to be on my consumables for the Plan 1299 (which wasn't CLEARLY my fault) they made the reversal and reversal and reversal.


      In 2nd week of February I received a call from one of the staff of GLOBE STORE NEPO MALL DAGUPAN - PANGASINAN BRANCH that they have already removed the 10gb mobile internet and changed it to 6gb (that I should be thankful for...DAW) because the 5gb mobile internet was no longer availabl; as he said this one I confirmed SURE NA ITO HA? Last na ito and I hope maayos na ang billing statement ko for the next month, and he said YES PO OK NA OK NA PO.


      As of yesterday March 9,2017 I went to globe store and again filed a complaint due to another  additional charge of 999 for the 6gb mobile internet. And again they say a reversal will be made but my mobile internet has to be chaged to 3gb or they have to remove the unlimited calls and text to globe and tm?


      Why is it like this? Do you think I can have a copy of my signed contract from globe?