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    Why do I have bill for only 2 days of connection?


      Hi! So upon installation last Jan 24, I gave the guys 1399 as a downpayment to install my 1199 5mbps plan with landline, and the caller told me I would not be billed for the next month. I got a bill on the 31st stating it is my bill for Jan 24-26 (3 DAYS!!!) and I needed to pay 458 more (VAT and 333.33 first installation fee) which I did. But then I just got another bill today for the days of Jan 27-Feb 26 worth 1732.32!! WHICH IS CRAZY. That would mean I paid 1399+458=1857 for 3 DAYS of internet use. This is not right. And I'm thinking of cutting off my plan if this doesn't get fixed.