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    How to call support group?



      I'm so annoyed right now.

      Under repair yung phone ko for 40 days now.

      Ang usapan 30days lang ang ittake.

      Don't they honor their commitment? Ilang araw na ko nagffollow-up lagi na lang "di pa nasagot yung support group"

      hindi ba nila pwedeng tawagan yun? kung hindi baka merong pwedeng magbigay sakin ng details ako na lang ang tatawag.


      Ipapa-repair ko na lang sana sa iba, ilang oras lang tapos na.

      Unlike etong service na bulok na wala namang nangyayari.



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          From my experience it is much better and even faster to have the phone serviced by an authorized service center rather than bringing it to Globe or any other telco provider as they also forward it to the centers mentioned. Just imagine that times are added in its documentation, storage, pick-up and return (aside from normal service time) if turned over to Globe.