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    Normal Internet Speed?


      Hello Globe Community!


      I would just like to ask if the Status of my internet is normal? I am subscribed to Broadbrand Plan 1299 promising 10Mbps but after settling with it for a few Months I started getting frustrated at how slow the Internet Speed is... at most it provides a speed between 30KBps and 520Bps, is this a standard normal speed?



      I don't expect 10MBps right out of the bag but I should have atleast 20% of the total, right? Cause this is ridiculous and really really Frustrating... so I come to you to ask for Help! Do I call Globe Customer Service and talk to them about this? Or is the problem lying on signal strength? Will extending the suspension of the Receiver help or should I get some sort of Satellite Dash?


      I am really at a loss on what I should do on how to improve this situation of mine... 30KBps at most from a 10MBps plan...


      I await any helpful reply, thank you!