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    Recontracting - downgrade of plan during contract expiry


      Does anyone here knows the policy of the globe for the BEST EVER MYSUPERPLAN wherein you cannot change or downgrade your plan even if your contract is already expired during contract renewal and during the mid of your cycle?


      It just so happen that today is my contract expiry and I did call for recontracting. 23 is my cutoff and that means today is the start of my current billing cycle.


      What happen is, the plan I have which is BEST EVER MYSUPERPLAN (na di naman superplan kundi super sa kain sa bulsa) will still be used until the end of the current cycle as the system they have cannot change the effectivity of the new plan.


      So anong use n antayin pa ang contract expiry pag magdowngrade kung ang effectivity ng bago plan is next billing cycle pa.


      GAHAMAN na talaga ang globe. sorry for that ha pero ako bilang QA is alam ko na me way pra maoverride yang system pero ayaw lang nila gawin.