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    globe customer service


      I have been receiving calls and texts about a certain bill i havent paid for globe tattoo for more than a year now. Now here are my problems: first, i bought my sim card new along with the phone around september 2015. And after a couple of weeks i started rcving text messages that i have an outstanding bill for globe tattoo. So just to verify i went to a nearest globe office and ask them what was going on and since my card is new. An employee told me that maybe it was just a technical glitch so idont have to worry and told me to just call their customer service hotline since they only accomodate post paid customers.


      2nd, after a month of owning the sim card. the calls started coming in. From different numbers, mobile numbers, landlines all from GLOBE and even 6 digit number from globe. I already told each and everyone that i am not the aurora from bulacan that they are looking for. first customer service rep told me that i dont have to worry they will update it so that i wont receive calls and texts. But calls and text still continues.. i called 211.. same answer, same result! So i twitted @talktoglobe and guess what? Same answer same result!! Twitted them again with screenshot of previous conversation but was just ignored. Then i answered 1 call from them then asked for a supervisor. Customer service rep said that there are no available supervisor during the weekends but advised me that he will.send an email so that i wont be receiving calls and text regarding the account. The call was today so i dont if he actually did his job.


      Just to include it has been 1year and 4months that this has continuously happening. Imagine having 4-5  calls from different numbers inlcuding 2-3 missed calls from each every few days? Wouldnt you be annoyed?


      NOW globe my question is. What would you do if you are in my position?


      *attached are my screenshots with @talktoglobe