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    Globe's actual bandwidth after consuming your monthly allowance (LTE broadband)


      I have a P1299 plan which is at 10mbps and 50g per month. Agents and operators told me that if I use the allocated volume per month, it would only give me 30%. Which is what really happens with a friend's DSL line. Their connection is P1299 10mbps 100g per month and only throttles at 3mbps after consuming their 100g allowance.


      But with mine, this is what has happened:

      Been suffering for over a week now over this issue.


      Just thought that maybe, it would be best to let the public know about the LTE broadband limit so they won't get misled. Just a suggestion though.

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          The problem here,  is all the agents assigned in the globe stores, did not disclose any information with regards to "Upon reaching the limit" "Data allowance reached" basta maka benta nalang sila! most of the users aren't IT technical, they were not totally aware with "monthly" data cap, what will happen once you've reached your assigned bandwidth and the end of the day, "home users" ang nag susuffer sa ginawa nilang policy.


          Hindi acceptable ang magkaroon ka ng 20-30-40-50-100gb per month na bandwidth as default services nila..  mas ok pa ang magkaroon ka ng 150-200gb data bandwidth, which is acceptable pa yan,  kase nowadays more on "streaming" na tayo! hello Globe! wake up!! wag nio pahirapan ang enduser nio!