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    re: postpaid plan application


      I applied for a postpaid plan originally white box, I placed my order last 26th of Feb. And one of the sales agent called me for verification. I have submitted all the documents they've asked me. I was so excited when another agent called me last 24th of March to informed me that I was approved, however my original application (white box) was already out of stock. The agent offered me a brand new iphone6 and advised me that a delivery team will call me the ff day (25th of March) to arranged the duration of delivery with a cash out of 6k. I am so excited for the delivery since my old phone's lcd was broke. I, however was not able to answer the call when someone from their team called me. I have texted and tried to call the agent, the thing is I can't reached them. Will they still be contacting me for further delivery? Anyone who have experience same scenario? Thanks!

      Much appreciated to those who will respond to my thread.