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    LOAD problem


      Not a good day fellow globe users, I loaded twice today since I have to contact my dad abroad due to an urgent matter, I'm really pissed off because I have to text him asap and after few mins of typing my message, a prompt appeared "your balance is now below 20 pesos." I was really really mad. I want a freaking REFUND SINCE I REALLY HAVE TO CONTACT MY DAD. And I WISH GLOBE WILL STOP STEALING LOADS, YOUR "VALUED CUSTOMERS" PAY FOR IT.

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          This is not an isolated issue caramelly . Maraming nakakaexperience nyan. If you would coordinate with their Customer service they would say may mga nagamit kang services na di na deduct sa LOAD mo dati, kaya ngayong may LOAD ka na, it is being deducted on the current LOAD. Then they would ask you if may narereceive ka bang mga VALUE added services like 4 digit access numbers - na posibleng naka subscribe ka. Iyon iyong gagawin nilang REASON behind the deductions.