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    NAT Status Strict




      I have been trying to fix my NAT status w/c is currently strict and is not letting me play online coop game with my friends. Game i am playing is Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands on PC. All I need to have is an Open NAT status and I should be good to go. The publisher sugested to do port forwarding but it requires a static IP w/c will cost me alot to play a game that is supposed to be going smooth the moment I have my internet connection. I have inquired them about what I need to do and they refer me to my ISP w/c is you guys. They have told me to call you and tell you this.



      Call  and ask you guys to make sure UPnP is enabled and that you guys are not blocking wan requests or ICMP packets.  This requires an admin access on your router and your agent told me to start a thread here since they cannot disclose the information. The exact error I am getting is Tarija - 00014 Your home network is configured with a NAT ( strict) status.