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    HELP!!! What happens after the 30-month lock in period?


      Hi! I need help! We used to have three accounts with Globe for our Z10, Samsung S5 and iPhone 5, all were under a 30-month lock in period.


      It was explained that after the lock-in period, our subscription fee would be less the phone's cost or we could get another phone under a new contract. Our first plan for the Z10 was 1800, but when the contract ended in Nov 2015, there was no reduction in our bill, so we decided to have the account terminated March 2016. They offered to downgrade the plan but when we asked to refund the amount we were paying for the phone from Dec to March, they said it could not be done. We did not insist because I thought maybe we were also at fault for not informing them about the end of our contract. Mind you, I work for Telstra (an Australian phone and Internet company) and automatically the charges for the device would have been removed after the lock-in period. If not, you just call and request for a refund and that's it, no fuss at all.


      So with our second device, I sent Globe an email letting them know that my contract was about to end a month before the contract ended. I told them that our bills should be decreasing since we will no longer be paying for device and they agreed. But when the bill came, the charge for the phone was still there. I emailed them and they said they will escalate the issue. I tried getting in touch with them from June 2016 to November 2016 and was promised that someone was going to get in touch with me within 24 to 48 hours, but March is now about to end and so far, no one has gotten in touch with me.


      I am pregnant and in a foreign country and this issue with Globe is really stressing me out. From June to Nov, we have exchanged communication through email and chat without any resolution. If we call Customer service, we will be burning our pockets while a customer service representative "studies" our account for 15 to 20 minutes and will give us a ticket number and assure as (again) that it will be escalated.


      What should I do?