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    How do I unsubscribe to udaily (2988)?


      I don't recall subscribing to udaily (udaily.com.ph) but somehow this ended up on the SMS inbox of my Globe Pocket Wifi.UDAILY - Screenshot from 2017-03-30 08-51-42.png
      And I'm being charged 2.50 for every message I receive. I don't subscribe to these services especially when they charge you daily. I'm using my Postpaid plan purely for internet purposes and nothing else. Upon checking their website, there are no instructions for unsubscribing on the terms and FAQ. Outrageous!


      The only glimmer of hope was tucked discreetly at the very bottom of the terms and conditions.

      udaily help keyword on terms Screenshot from 2017-03-30 09-13-33.png

      But that glimmer of shimmering hope was quickly obliterated after texting the keyword "HELP" to 2988 which always resulted in a FAILED error message.

      udaily sms failed help 2988 Screenshot from 2017-03-30 09-07-23.png


      To the folks at Globe:


      1. Clearly this is SPAM. There is no opt-in. I was subscribed without my knowledge. I was subscribed AGAINST my will.
      2. Heck, I am careful enough not to click every unknown URL or short URL that comes my way and in terms of security, I have a password manager, and I use Linux (Linux Mint 18.1 to be specific) and I update it regularly to avoid any breach or intrusion.
      3. The source is a 4-digit number which only means you're in cahoots with these lowlifes. Shame on you!


      My next step is to contact your customer service and if nothing satisfactory comes out of it, I'm taking this to the NTC or any Congressman/Senator that wants to make sure your franchise is not renewed for another 25 years.