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    regular prepaid load deducted even if cellular data is switched off!!!  WHY????


      i never had this problem with other unit, only when i started using iphone, i keep getting alert that my load is being deducted for data usage.  i have always switched my cellular data setting to off since my phone is connected to wifi all the time.  Im only experiencing this with my iphone, and not with my android phone.  is there any other setting in iphone that i need to know to completely disconnect or stop my phone from using mobile data?  this happening keeps me from reloading for fear of having my load just eaten up   really frustrating.

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          You may turn on SurfAlert by texting SURFALERT ON to 8080


          This service can stop your load from getting deducted for data usage when you are not subscribed to a surf promo.


          It may be a problem with your phone, try disabling background data in your phone's settings, refer to it's manual on how.

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            Globe doing same to me.  Dedicate 5 pesos then 15 minutes later 5 pesos again.  I never switch on data either.  Always using my Wi-Fi connection only.  The other answer is bullshit answer from globe... the truth is something is stealing our load and globe letting it happen.. or maybe it's globe who doing it.  Think about how many people have globe prepaid.  They steal millions every month..

            I had same problem before.  Globe gave back the load.  But few days later its deducted again.  So it's bullshit... I needed to change number that time to make it stop.. but then it's started again now.  Need to change again.. should think globe earning enough money.  So no need to steal costumers load...

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              Same thing has happened to me.


              Ever since I switched to Globe I've been experiencing a deduction in my load anount due to the usage of cellular data. This would be normal, however, my cellular data is off; so is my wifi assist and everything connected/that may cause the activation of cellular data.


              I'd love to know if there is a solution to this problem.


              So far, I've come with two (teeth-grinding) solutions:


              1. switch to airplane mode

              2. remove the sim card when not needed




              I'm using an iPhone 5s.

              This hasn't happened to my Android phones.

              This has never happened (on my iPhone) to another non-Globe sim card.




              Any help is much appreciated.



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                I've found myself with the same problem from time to time. Now, I have just purchased a Globe prepaid Home Wifi box, and it happened again last night! To the tune of 250p!  I am livid right now and somebody at Globe needs to fix/explain this!


                I understand it happening on a cell phone, and even though it's basically the same set up using an LTE wifi box, it should NOT be happening (losing load credit) when I've specifically cut the connection to the internet.  See, I like to browse at the standard rate, it allows me to download whatever I want and I just have to time my internet usage to keep from spending too much.  Well, yesterday I loaded 250 pesos to the sim that is in the wifi box. I was online for some hours and then I went to bed after turning off my devices (so I wasn't actively using the internet)....then I woke up around 2.30 AM and remembered that Globe would still eat up my load (because they're assholes) even if my phone or laptop wasn't connected to the network because the actual wifi box was still connected to the internet and so I immediately "DISABLED" the cellular connection in the dashboard of the router settings. I then immediately checked my load balance and it said 105p...I thought "crap! i wasn't even surfing and it used my load..." So okay, I thought I will just have to remember to  disable the connection when I stop surfing or downloading so it doesn't eat my load. Again, to clarify, I PREFER using the standard data rate most of the time, so this has nothing to with standard versus promo rates. I know exactly how much I should be getting charged. 


                Then I woke up at 7 AM today and immediately tried to get online to no avail. I remembered I disabled the connection, so I re-enabled it, and tried again. No luck.  Still wouldn't connect.  So then I went to the router dashboard and sent a text to check my load balance and it came back 0! ZERO!?!?  I hadn't even been connected to the internet for the previous 4.5 hours and I distinctly remember having a load balance of 105p at that time.  HOW DO YOU TAKE 105 PESOS FROM MY LOAD WHEN I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN ONLINE!?!?

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                  I discovered that globe is eating my load yet I'm not using any mobile data services. I plan to save my load for emergency purposes but I can't do it if Globe is eating it up.


                  Just the other day I filled my phone with P50 but I discovered just now that I only have P36.50 . I don't recall texting or calling anyone or even using mobile data from the past few days. Yes. I am connected to the internet but with a stable wifi connection!


                  I dont plan to buy another sim to experience the same issue over again. I bought this sim with me like 2-3 months ago because of the same issue. Please fix this.