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    Unrecognizable number


      Actually first discovered this anomaly when i tried to use my number in lamudi, ayaw nya magenter sinasabing incorrect yung number na inenter ko, i just brushed it off as an error sa app and used my sister's number instead pero gumana naman nung number nya na ginamit ko. So i found it kind of odd. Pero okay naman nun kasi wasn't really an issue.


      Napilitan lang akong magtanong when i can no longer change my past number in my lazada account. I tried updating my address kasi i wasn't using my old number anymore so binago ko tapos ayaw talaga. Ang lumalabas is "the info you entered is incorrect" pero nung tinry kong ibang number ang ienter gumana naman. Bakit ganun? Parang di narerecognize yung number ko? I need an answer or better yet a solution kasi oorder ako online and i can't even input my own number.