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      Hi Guys! I & my husband are a prepaid and an active user of the call & text promos which are CA20/C20 and i always had a balance of 20 for emergency calls that are not covered by your network which are ALAWAYS gone like in 1 snap of a shot! Ive tell u straight that we are not connected w/ any promos that has VAS like your CSR says ok? so i dont know why we are already losing overall in tons of load ok?


      I can't figure out any reason why it has gone down, for I have not used it at all even im in a promo; I looked for the reports of calls made, etc., and I don't see any numbers that I had called out of your network. I don't use my cellphones for anything else – even we are using a c20 im only using it to a simple short text and for making brief verbal calls to our kids which also a globe user and has experiencing same w/ us.


      Sorry, guys, if I appeared corny for this thread, but I am quite strict with losing money for no cause at all whatsoever from my own doing; and I know there are plenty of people today who know a lot about celphones and how to save money as they use them.


      I hope Globe can help us from this kind of problem since ur the one who's in charge for those VAS. Its very very ungrateful.


      So, I hope some will come over to help me.