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    Globe Tattoo Broadband : Internet Light on Router shuts off and never lights up again until restarted


      How does one fix this issue whenever I play online games or watch youtube videos the whole connection just stops when the internet light switches off and it affects everyone using the wifi and this is really frustrating if I am playing a competitive online game and I just leave the game cause of the wifi even once in a while my ping just spikes up that's better than having to restart my wifi and leave the online game. Even with no browsers open just the video game but my family they also just watch videos and go onto social media and stuff but once the green light on the internet shuts off it never lights up to green again, only if the internet light turns red it goes back to green in like a 2 minutes but if it switches off only restarting it could fix it.

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          I am experiencing the same issue on my broadband service. My internet connection drops from time to time, and usually gets fixed by restarting the modem but at worst case scenarios I am unable to connect to the internet for the whole day. Seems nobody from globe has an idea. I have called customer service about this and numerous site visit has been placed, fix was temporary and there have been times that just few hours after the tech visit I will experience the same issue again. This issue is difficult to replicate as this consistently start happening around 6:00am and the technician  usually arrives in the afternoon. I notice a crackling/static sound on the back ground that the technicians seem to ignore. Also when I tried to ask the technician about this, his response was disappointing to say the least, the technician mentioned that It's normal and a known system issue that fault will happen everyday. When I asked again on why the"other" DSL connection next door which is from Bayantel does not experience this, I was advised that Bayantel has a more stable connection that Globe DSL. I don't know how I would respond with that as I felt I was encouraged to have my service switched to a different brand.


          The following are the repair tickets that have been raised only for the span of 2 weeks:






          Thing here is, this situation is not new to me since it all has been happening since I have signed up for the service. There was just this one tech who was able to fix and resolve the issue longer than everyone did, I remember that technician dropping by again without my request just to ensure that service is still working and taking a picture of the modem LED status as a proof, (I guess he would need it). After that, I am back to the nightmare. I am lost and left with no option but to have this escalated further to NTC I would have to. Hope someone from globe who care would be able to read this and resolve the issue once and for all.