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    Chit FULL LOad'a Carpa!!


      Okay... now, for the past two months, I was able to use my GCash kaskas card with ease with no problem. It was link to my Paypal accout and when my Paypal account ran out of cash, it gets support from gcash automatically.


      I have no problems with it.


      However, when it comes to the GCash needing in money... i can't use it normally!


      I linked it to the GCash App and it said this.... hohoho.jpg


      it happened multiple times.... and until now!!!


      Every browser worked, my credentials are okay... nothing wrong with my Paypal account but every time I use the App's LINK function, it doesn't work!!! Someone explain this to me, please... I have my money in my Paypal account and I needed the option to withdraw my money on my GCash!!