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    Unbilled Charges Shock




      I hope anyone of you can help.


      Last week, my line got disconnected due to exceeding spending limit, so I paid half of my monthly plan to reconnect my line.

      I also asked the CSR to increase my spending limit of 200 to 400. My exceeding spending limit at this time was around 223.


      After my line got reconnected, I registered for GoSurf 50 (since I've used up my data allocation). After thee days, my GoSurf expired and then Globe immediately texted me that they again have temporarily disconnected my line due to unbilled charges of 843.61!


      I was shocked how it went to 843.61 when the last time I had my unbilled charges, it was just 223 and I registered for GS50 only once!

      I already talked to the CSR and she confirmed that I have 843.61 of unbilled charges and said that I exceed a 100mb of internet usage after my GS expired.


      But how the hell did it get to 843.61 when supposedly they should've disconnected my line after I reached over 400?