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    New FUP 2017 Confirmation




      Been with globe for over 5 years now, can't say that the service hasn't been good to me since it has been and has been up and useable 90% if the time which is more than I could ask for. Now that I've started working from home, I realized that I need to move from my DSL plan 1599 to a fiber plan, atleast the Fiber 1899.


      Though I hesitated when suddenly the reps mentioned that, ALL PLAN, fiber, DSL and LTE, have a new FUP, where basically when a plan reaches its monthly cap, it will be brought down to a mere 256Kbps. This is preposterous. Now I've done some research and looked around the community and I've seen some that have confirmed this albeit those were LTE plans.


      My questions is, can someone who has the information about this actually confirm that this hard cap of 256 Kbps after reaching monthly allotted data also affects DSL and Fiber plans? if yes, then when did globe become a complete rip off to do a blatant bait and switch without even the decency to announce that they'll be screwing up all of their subs.


      Fast response will be appreciated but I am willing to wait for an answer. Thank you.