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    I cant make a purchase in google


      I had no problems with my old number before but when i changed my number i cant make a purchase anymore. At first, i talked to globe through fb. It was horrible. Their replies are very irrelevant and once a day. Then I called their customer service 3 times!! First call it was escalated to a supervisor she told me to wait for 24 to 48 hrs and she said i will receive a text or a phone call from a tech support but i never did so on my 2nd call it was escalated again to tech support and told me to wait for 24 to 48 hours again. Ive been asking globe for 2 weeks now whats wrong but nobody could provide me an answer. They all tell me to wait for a feedback from their tech support but nothing happens. So i told google the issue and they talked to globe but globe still cant give an answer. They even tried to get the credit directly from globe but globe declined saying i dont have enough credits. I have more than 100 pesos in my load balance and im only purchasing a 50 pesos item. Globe is getting worse every day.