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    Is live chat that important?


      Can someone please tell me the importance of live chat? I have integrated other forms of customer support platforms on my website, like calls and emails, but I never used live chat. Whereas everybody is making a fuss about is all over the internet. I have researched on this topic and read many articles regarding live chat and chat agents for a business, but I am looking for someone having a hands-on experience. I run an online shop of garments, I have hundreds of customer calls regarding their purchases, and different products that they have seem on my website or on the special media pages. Hope I would get some serious replies from you guys that would help me make up my mind whether I should use it on my website or not.

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          For me, live chat is very important. Whenever I make websites for friends and clients, I make sure to suggest to integrate a live chat system on their website.


          Not everyone is comfortable talking to someone on the phone and some are reluctant to send texts and emails because they are worried that they will not be responded to immediately. Live chats are great communication tools especially for online stores because prospective customers can communicate with you while browsing your website. Also, if they are inquiring about a particular product, they can just copy-paste the link to your product so you will know exactly which product they are inquiring about.

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            In the case of Globe live chat, the conversation is documented and it would be possible to have it emailed to your address so that it could be reviewed for basis of any resolution,