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    Bank Transfer to GCash Need Help!


      I transferred money to my GCash number last wednesday thru Bank Transfer (from Chinabank ATM to GCash/AUB). But until now, my GCash balance is still zero. Yet, my Chinabank ATM was debited. Where did my money go?

      I already talked to Chinabank regarding the transaction and they said they already debited that amount in my ATM so it was successfully tranferred to GCash. But still my GCash balance is zero. It's been 1 week.

      I have been to Globe Customer Service in SM mall but they could also not connect to GCash. The GCash hotline 2882 is also giving me an infinite loop that always ended at "Invalid Key" whenever I try connecting to the customer service.

      Please help me with this issue. How can I contact GCash?

      My money can't just go 'poof' that way.