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    Stopping Spotify Premium - such a hassle!


      In the website (All About Spotify | HELP AND SUPPORT ), it clearly mentions:


      "You can unsubscribe by texting SPOTIFY STOP (postpaid) or SPOTIFY STOP (prepaid) to 8888. Unsubscribing will forfeit your remaining Spotify MB allocation and terminate your Spotify Premium subscription."


      So, I did. But there was no acknowledgement received from Globe.


      Hence, I called 211 to confirm that my Spotify premium subscription has indeed been stopped and that I will no longer be charged Php129/month.


      The agent I spoke to was clueless.  He even mentioned that the 8888 number is no longer valid. Instead I should send to 8080.


      So, I tried sending the following to 8080:





      In both attempts, I got the message "....invalid keyword".


      So how do I stop my subscription from Spotify Premium for Globe to stop billing me monthly???