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    Removed from GOSAKTO Promo


      Action Taken:

      1. Register GOTSCOMBODD70 via 8080

      2. Made a Balance Inquiry by calling 222

      3. Balance is not sufficient for #1 (can't reload, on my way to the office)

      4. Received this message:

      "You have created a promo with the same combination in the last 5 minutes. Are you sure you want to create and subscribe to this promo again? Reply GOSAKTO GO to this message if you want to proceed."

      5. Ignored #4 since I do not have any load

      6. Received this message:

      "Our system has detected that multiple promo registrations were sent from your account. With this, the system automatically disallowed you from registering to this service. You may try our other promos instead by dialing *143#. To be guided in using our unlimited promos, please visit www.globe.com.ph and check our Acceptable Terms on Fair Use."

      7. WTF!

      8. Arrived in the office, reloaded P500 via BDO online

      9. Did #1 again but with no reply