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    Unknown Fees, Commendation etc


      This is a commendation for your Rep Rhea who helped me today. I have been getting the run around for two weeks and she was the only one who took the time to help me. So Globe has been charging me a bunch of fees that I had no idea what - Mobile Web App, Photo Messages, Imessage and Facetime activation (even though I'm using an android phone) Overseas Communication Tax etc. I have noticed the charges before but ignored them cause they were always below 20 pesos. I got more concerned when I started seeing 115.18 peso charges for Mobile and Wep Apps. (apparently if you don't opt out of the four digit numbers that text you, Globe will charge you this but only for postpaid customers as my sister has a prepaid line and they don't deduct her load when she gets these).



      I tweeted @talk2globe about this and called several times and the last rep I spoke with last week told me to wait for my current bill before submitting a dispute that's why I called today. Saw an email with my Bill and what do you know there is another 115.18 fee for Mobile and Web apps. Rhea got my call, gave her all the items I'm disputing. She said she can work on the bigger charges first but will need to place me on hold. I was on hold for around 25 min so I decided to call again on a second line while I kept Rhea's line on hold. The next rep told gave me different information again she wanted me to call back cause she said we cant dispute yet. I got mad when she said this so I asked to just have my line cut. I am not locked in a contract with Globe so I can have my line cut any time. I felt like they will just keep asking me to call back so I wanted nothing to do more with them. So while I was telling this new rep that I want my line cut I started getting text messages with the reversals. Rhea already processed my disputes. I got back to Rhea and thanked her. I feel so bad that I ruined her AHT and for thinking that she transferred me to a line that nobody answers. I was on hold for more than 20-25 min and I thought she was waiting for me to disconnect while in reality she was adjusting my bill. I didn't get any SMS Survey so I hope this somehow gets to her manager. I was a call center agent a long time ago and I know how hard it is. I also hope she wont be losing any bonuses just because of her ruined AHT. The reversal amounted to around 500 pesos and I think there are more as Rhea scheduled a callback for me tonight at 8pm for the remaining fees.


      To other subscribers who don't nitpick their bills, you should start checking them too. Just in case Globe is also charging you these unknown fees