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    Intermittend Connection (HOME BROADBAND DSL)


      My internet connection drops from time to time, and usually gets fixed by restarting the modem but at worst case scenarios I am unable to connect to the internet for the whole day. Seems nobody from globe has an idea. I have called customer service about this and numerous site visit has been placed, fix was temporary and there have been times that just few hours after the tech visit I will experience the same issue again. This issue is difficult to replicate as this consistently start happening around 6:00am and the technician  usually arrives in the afternoon. I notice a crackling/static sound on the back ground that the technicians seem to ignore. Also when I tried to ask the technician about this, his response was disappointing to say the least, the technician mentioned that It's normal and a known system issue that fault will happen everyday. When I asked again on why the"other" DSL connection next door which is from Bayantel does not experience this, I was advised that Bayantel has a more stable connection that Globe DSL. I don't know how I would respond with that as I felt I was encouraged to have my service switched to a different partner provider.


      The following are the repair tickets that have been raised only for the span of 2 weeks:






      Thing here is, this situation is not new to me since it all has been happening since I have signed up for the service. There was just this one tech who was able to fix and resolve the issue longer than everyone did, I remember that technician dropping by again without my request just to ensure that service is still working and taking a picture of the modem LED status as a proof, (I guess he would need it). After that, I am back to the nightmare. I am lost and left with no option but to have this escalated further to NTC I would have to. Hope someone from globe who care would be able to read this and resolve the issue once and for all.